The ROAR society attracts abundant-minded, seasoned women from varying ages and backgrounds, to a common platform that not only provides inspiration but local connections to help you thrive. We accelerate the paths of our members, through educational events, workspaces, resources, and an online community.

What Our Members Are Saying:

“⁣I discovered ROAR after moving to Orange County and it was so refreshing to have a space where you’re surrounded by such successful. You’re always in a room with movers and shakers across so many industries and people that show up to both learn and share.”

Brianna G. 
Founder, Milk + Honey Travels

“I love the amazing speakers and the ethic of promoting community and collaboration over competition inside the membership. I walk away inspired, motivated and feeling more connected and supported every gathering.”⁣

Alexandra T.
Author, Coach and Business Strategist

“⁣The best part about ROAR is the network of like-minded women coming together for inspiration, advice, and support. ROAR creates a dialogue we wouldn’t otherwise have and the opportunity for professionals to connect and grow together.”

Arden M. 
Co-Founder, Argaux Wines

“There are so many things I love about ROAR: the speakers, the events, the content. But I’m especially grateful for the leaders of ROAR, Alison and Anna, and the support they’ve shown to myself and my business.”⁣⁣

Danielle W.  
Founder, Backhouse Fragrances

“I love being able to connect with incredible like-minded women through ROAR, all of whom are making a difference in the community. I’ve met so many inspiring women who I’ve been able to connect with on both a professional and personal level.”

Galit L. 
Co-Founder, Foodstirs

“There are very few places like ROAR — that provide a gathering of such high-caliber, professional women. The inside access to amazing businesswomen has been an incredible thing for my business even early in my membership.”

Julie H. 
Certified Nutritionist

Learning from other womens successes and creating an impact in the community is something I’ve always strived to do. I absolutely love the collaboration, education, support and celebration ROAR has to offer for women.”

Lan B. 
Founder, boscia

When it comes to ROAR, I love the friendship and connection. I love the feeling of being in the room with so many passionate women; the energy is contagious! I love making new friends!

Taylor D. 
Professional Chef & Founder, Taylor Made Cuisine

I have met so many amazing humans through ROAR’s events and always look forward to the next one! The speakers are always fresh and super engaging which is not the usual for these types of events!” 

Vanessa B. 
Founder, Boxhaus & Ekam Yoga and Pilates

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