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Meet Anna

Anna Ackerman is more than just one of our brilliant leaders — she is the ultimate connector, who’s driven by her unwavering love for sharing other people stories. When she’s not juggling her three daughters or servicing her financial clients, you can find her “matchmaking” people from all walks of life. After moving from Chicago and settling in Newport Beach, CA, creating a community for women came from a deep desire to find ‘her people.’ Anna has been a top performer for multiple corporate sales organizations, and has a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She met her life partner, Adam, in college and they’ve been each other’s greatest supporters in all of their life’s endeavors for over 20 years. One of Annas favorite quotes is “how you do anything is how you do everything”. This has served as her North Star as she developed The ROAR Society — featuring successful women and their journey, supporting women, and aligning new relationships, all of which contributes in what she considers her most fulfilling ‘job’ to date.

Meet Alison

Alison Cottrell is a powerhouse when it comes to strategic leadership and curating meaningful connections. During her two decades in High Fashion, she was trusted by two of the most renowned Fashion Houses Christian Dior and Hermes where she was recognized for achieving exceptional business growth, propelling brand loyalty, and cultivating long-lasting relationships with influential clients. Between her unparalleled networking skills and her innate ability to facilitate authentic relationships, it’s no secret why Alison is considered a pillar in our community. Now serving as one of our very own beloved leaders, Alison’s unique skill set optimizes networking opportunities and business growth for each member of The ROAR Society. Despite her wildly successful career, anyone who knows Alison knows that her greatest pride is her family of four.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to creating a safe, positive and inspirational place for women to come together, ask, listen, learn, and inspire one another. We believe communication and collaboration are two one of the most effective tools for success, which is why they sit at the core of all we do here at The ROAR Society.

We’re More Than A Network. We’re A Community.

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