She moved home to launch her company — at 37, with a daughter and a husband in tow

Abbie Schiller had been a major contributor to the family income — as the VP of Kiehl’s media relations globally and then as vice president of media relations for ABC Daytime — for as long as she’d been married. Then she decided to start her own enterprise: The Mother Company, a media company that creates TV shows, apps and books designed to help children navigate childhood. But after a couple of years with no income, she and her husband decided — as many entrepreneurial couples do — that it was time to make some financial sacrifices.

In 2010, the couple and their 6-year-old daughter packed up and moved across Los Angeles, from Venice to the Palisades, into Schiller’s childhood home. With her parents. Bizwomen spoke with Schiller about the tough decision. Here’s her story: (edited for brevity and clarity)

I was 37 and I felt like the world was just telling me: “You have to think outside the box. You have to make things easier for everyone.”

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